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The Arvin Hart Fire Company in Stillwater has taken delivery of a new air boat, MR 10-8. The craft was manufactured by American Air Boats of Orange, Texas. The 18’ Air Ranger is powered by an 550HP marine engine. The boat can carry two rescuers and an operator and is equipped with a hoist that can lift a loaded stokes basket out of the water as well as high intensity discharge and LED scene lighting. Communications on the boat is via three voice activated head sets and is equipped with both marine and 800Mhz radios. Arvin Hart has operated some type of water rescue craft for over 30 years, and this is by far the most substantial platform to date being designed to withstand the rigors of travel over ice as well as any other surface. The members are currently training with the air boat before it is placed in service. The unit is towed by a support unit and will be housed at Station 2 on George Thompson Road. Arvin Hart works with Round Lake, Malta Ridge and Quaker Springs for water rescue and covers Saratoga Lake, Round Lake, the Hudson River and the Hoosic River.



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